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Last-minute notices for WYC:

The school is finishing for the year, at 12 noon. Traffic around the school will be chaotic then, given that there are 2700 students leaving. If you intend to drive there, please time your arrival for 1pm+

We will push back the timetable as such:
Register by 1:15pm
First game 1:30pm
If you are having trouble reaching us before 1:22pm, please phone me on 058-5123608 or email to reserve your spot.

Go to gate 1. They will have a list of players, so should be able to facilitate fast entry.
Go in the main door, between the buildings.
On your left is the entrance to the gymnasium, where we are playing (second door)
Next to that, is the snack bar, where you can get coffee etc from 8am.

The only thing you are allowed to take into the gym, is a water bottle, with water only.
These must have a lid. You will be issued with a water bottle the first day, which can be refilled from water fountains at the school.

Parking in front of the the school is expensive.
Free parking may be arranged in the teachers' carpark - BUT you must send me an email with the details of your car, so I can advise the school, AND PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 1PM THURSDAY.

From Ibis Al Barsha, it is a 5 minute walk, as long as you go out the BACK of the hotel - look to your right, and you will see the school. If you go to the front of the Ibis Hotel, and walk to the left, beside the train line, it is 8 minutes. It may be hot during the day, but is cool in the mornings and evenings (Winter, here)

(Note, if you are staying at Ibis Al Barsha, and forgot to order breakfast - make sure they give you the 35 dirham deal (about US10), not the visitor's price of 65 dirham)
Hot buffet meals will be served as follows:
THURSDAY: 4:30pm to 5PM
FRIDAY: 12:50pm to 1:20pm
SATURDAY: 12:50pm to 1:20pm
These will be about 19 dirham (ie under $US6)
Cheaper options, like salads, sandwiches etc, are available at any time, from 8am to 8pm.


Please be informed that Dubai Airport Authorities / Dubai Immigration have decided that with immediate effect (June 2018) no passenger under the age of 18 is allowed to enter Dubai alone. Such passengers will be deported back to their home countries.
We recommend players travelling without their parents carry a travel consent form.
Link to news regarding under 18 Travel
Sample Travel Consent Form

World English-language Scrabble Players Association

WESPA Youth Cup

(formerly World Youth Scrabble Championship)

This fantastic event takes place every year in a different part of the world.
In 2018 it will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Thursday 13 December to Saturday 15 December 2018.
2018 WYC Current Entries
Flyer for WYC 2018 . Entries Close 15 November 2018
Overall, Age Group and Special Awards. For a full list see here
Event Timetable
Player Data Form - to be completed once entry accepted.
If you do not have Google, fill in the Microsoft Word Form or pdf form and email to
All players should email a photo of themselves (for the souvenir booklet only) to
Adult Side Tournament Flyer for those too old to play in the Youth Cup but want some games.
The venue will be GEMS Dubai American Academy, Hessa Street/Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, Dubai.


Two food outlets will be open at the school during the tournament. Coffee etcetera will be available from 8:15am.

It is recommended you familiarise yourself with local laws and customs in Dubai before travelling there. Your government's foreign affairs department will probably have information available.
Click here for Australian government information about UAE.
Check here to see if you need a visa to enter the UAE.

2017 WESPA Youth Cup Champion

Aabid Ismail (Sri Lanka)

Best National Team - Sri Lanka

The WYC is open to players under the age of 18 at the end of the year. It not only gives players the opportunity to show their Scrabble skills but it is a great way of making friends with others from varied cultures.


The WESPA Youth Cup (formerly the World Youth Scrabble Championship) has been contested every year since 2006. Previous WESPA Youth Cup and World Youth Scrabble Champions are listed below. However, there are many more prizes awarded, which you can see when you click the links to see the event coverage from the past.




Runner Up

WYC 2017Kuala Lumpur (MYS) Aabid Ismail (LKA)Janul De Silva (LKA)
WYSC 2016 Lille (FRA) Sanchit Kapoor (UAE)Thavalakshman Yoganathan (LKA)
WYSC 2015Perth (AUS) Nicholas Hong (SGP) Abdullah Abbasi (PAK)
WYSC 2014Colombo (LKA) Jack Durand (UK) Yong Jian Rong (SGP)
WYSC 2013Dubai (UAE)Moizullah Baig (PAK)Javeria Arshad Mirza (PAK)
WYSC 2012Birmingham (UK) Michael McKenna (AUS)Cheong Yi Wei (MYS)
WYSC 2011Johor Bahru (MYS)Anand Bharadwaj (AUS)Victor Gwee (SGP)
WYSC 2010Manila (PHI) Ker Jen Ho (MYS)Preedee Khongthanarat (THA)
WYSC 2009Johor Bahru (MYS)Ong Suanne (MYS)Alastair Richards (AUS)
WYSC 2008Penang (MYS)Charnrit Khongthanarat (THA)Khoo Beng Way (MYS)
WYSC 2007Johor Bahru (MYS)Toh Weibin (SGP)Sean Chung (MYS)
WYSC 2006Wollongong (AUS)David Eldar (AUS)Austin Shin (UK)


Upcoming Youth Scrabble Events
Dates Title LocationInformation and Contact DetailsComments
13-15 December 201813th WESPA Youth Cup Dubai, UAE karen.d.richards@gmail.comCoaching & other events from 11 Dec 2018
10-13 January 2019 Capgemini Bangalore, India
20-21 April 2019 Astar Scrabble Challenge International Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiawww.asciscrabble.comU12, U15, U18, Open

Young people are strongly encouraged to play Scrabble tournaments regularly in their own country and internationally. Here are some which are highly recommended for young players:

  • CapGemini International mid January - Annual international adult tournament held in Bangalore, India
  • Astar Scrabble Challenge International: held each year Organised by the University of Malaya, with sections for U12, U15, U18 and Open
  • Princess Cup: late November An annual tournament in Bangkok, Thailand - U21
  • Spar Oman Kelloggs Scrabble Tournament mid to late November - Annual tournament in Muscat, Oman U10 U13 U20 Open
Scrabble tournaments rated by the World English Scrabble Players Association (WESPA)are listed on the upcoming tournaments section of the WESPA website.


Here are some useful lists and quizzes.
Print them out to test yourself.


  • Websites
    The WESPA website has information about international English language Scrabble including ratings.
    The Australian Youth Scrabble site has news about Youth Scrabble in Australia and overseas.
    Kenji Matsumoto has a website with information on books and strategy tips.
  • Online play
    Internet Scrabble Club
    Mindsports Academy
  • Battle of the Tiles Game where you can play the computer with the computer restricted to 10 different levels (selected in Options). Good for beginners.
  • Facebook
    Facebook is restricted to those aged over 13.
    There is a facility for playing Scrabble against your Facebook friends (Scrabble Mattel app).
    There are interest groups such as Scrabble Snippetz with posts of interest to Scrabble players.
    If you would like structured competition, you can join the Facebook Scrabble League. (Search FSL Scrabble League on Facebook)
  • National Scrabble Associations
    See the WESPA website for contact details for National Scrabble Associations.
  • On Line Books
    Koala Coaching Clinic - Basic Strategy
    The Scrabble Players Handbook - Advanced Strategy
  • Books for Purchase online
    Word! by Kenji Matsumoto
    For players in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, and many other Asian countries, pick up a copy here!
    For players from the UK or Europe, click here!
  • Computer programs
    The Scrabble Tools section of the Collins Dictionary website has several useful programs including Collins Zyzzyva and Collins Wordlist for LeXpert
  • Apps
    'Classic Words' app for iPads for play off-line.


The official word list for Scrabble tournaments throughout the realm of the World English Language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) is Collins Scrabble Words 2015.
[Hardcover - ISBN 9780007589166, Softcover - ISBN 9780007589081]

The official word list is also published as a dictionary
[ISBN 9780007589135]

Here are some useful lists