WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Aadhi Shankara

1 Nimuthu Witharana426:315and is placed 49th with1+111
2 Hareet Patel416:275and is placed 25th with2+252
3 Ardi Sevilla437:304and is placed 21st with3+385
4 Hong Jiaen357:368and is placed 35th with3+374
5 Qays Sangari299:411and is placed 58th with3+262
6 Louis Drei Candia341:461and is placed 83rd with3+142
7 Lawrence Dave Candia307:433and is placed 101st with3+16
8 Ng Ka Wing488:491and is placed 117th with3+13
9 Saim Usmani269:421and is placed 129th with3-139
10 Prateek Wadhavkar299:329and is placed 142nd with3-169
11 Jareth Mah316:304and is placed 128th with4-157
12 Tai Yat Yin432:267and is placed 111th with5+8
13 Li Pun Wang337:488and is placed 129th with5-143
14 Siu Chun Hong433:355and is placed 114th with6-65
15 Mohd Hazman Yuzairi435:324and is placed 101st with7+46
16 Lau Wai Keung401:283and is placed 89th with8+164
17 Jangari Mayol387:363and is placed 73rd with9+188
18 Tairah John-Seedial361:471and is placed 86th with9+78
19 Muhd Faiq Haikal398:363and is placed 78th with10+113
20 Nimuthu Witharana358:357and is placed 68th with11+114
21 Leo Ballaso404:375and is placed 55th with12+143
22 Eirfan Razman385:380and is placed 47th with13+148
23 Supphakrit Rimchan429:436and is placed 57th with13+141
24 Dulmini Weeraratne415:360and is placed 47th with14+196