WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Abu Hazeeq Fiqri

1 Thuwaragesh Jayachan282:431and is placed 137th with0-149
2 Hemaka Gunasekera311:360and is placed 138th with0-198
3 Yalleni Gunenthiran255:445and is placed 147th with0-388
4 Aahil Borham334:316and is placed 140th with1-370
5 Mohd Farid Irfan396:249and is placed 118th with2-223
6 Crichel Lao283:405and is placed 133rd with2-345
7 Inuri De Silva245:382and is placed 146th with2-482
8 Lakhsmant Ian304:324and is placed 152nd with2-502
9 Zaina Zarook395:329and is placed 143rd with3-436
10 Tarin Pairor294:349and is placed 151st with3-491
11 Jason_Tang365:280and is placed 134th with4-406
12 Pang Shing Wai392:402and is placed 146th with4-416
13 Dzariff Izzat341:421and is placed 151st with4-496
14 Ho_Lok Hang383:357and is placed 143rd with5-470
15 Iman Najmi281:414and is placed 151st with5-603
16 Lakhsmant Ian331:397and is placed 157th with5-669
17 Jason_Tang324:316and is placed 150th with6-661
18 Aditya Bose-Mandal390:340and is placed 142nd with7-611
19 Nurin Farisha336:352and is placed 149th with7-627
20 Debora Wandia360:211and is placed 143rd with8-478
21 Gian Marcus Goron288:331and is placed 147th with8-521
22 Ng Ka Wing334:341and is placed 156th with8-528
23 Mohd Al-Syahmi380:300and is placed 145th with9-448
24 Bintang Ramadhan324:329and is placed 152nd with9-453