WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Benchaporn Khamkrach

1 Natthaphon Sirijamor393:239and is placed 38th with1+154
2 Julian Wong Tsz Yu367:377and is placed 63rd with1+144
3 Inuri De Silva306:298and is placed 59th with2+152
4 Lakhsmant Ian252:185and is placed 48th with3+219
5 Siu Chun Hong392:396and is placed 61st with3+215
6 Nititorn Laimek353:491and is placed 88th with3+77
7 Kaustav Bhowmick349:342and is placed 73rd with4+84
8 Francis Matati385:320and is placed 61st with5+149
9 Hemaka Gunasekera327:443and is placed 80th with5+33
10 Li Ka Ki360:359and is placed 66th with6+34
11 Misbah Rehman351:391and is placed 81st with6-6
12 Shekinah Giffen274:455and is placed 97th with6-187
13 Marcus Wang Zhe Qi386:355and is placed 84th with7-156
14 Fung Pak Man277:267and is placed 69th with8-146
15 Nuttawat Angsakul326:352and is placed 87th with8-172
16 Dulmini Weeraratne473:379and is placed 70th with9-78
17 Tarin Pairor458:335and is placed 55th with10+45
18 Sethmi Jayasinghe365:413and is placed 69th with10-3
19 Ilham Sandy Pratama402:317and is placed 56th with11+82
20 Li Ka Ki362:336and is placed 47th with12+108
21 Napat Narinsuksanti343:370and is placed 59th with12+81
22 Ahmad Kashful Akmal361:470and is placed 70th with12-28
23 Liana Aho380:409and is placed 80th with12-57
24 Tai Yat Yin475:271and is placed 66th with13+147