WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Brian Po

1 Hasham Hadi Khan323:422and is placed 123rd with0-99
2 Keeran Bathmanaban540:358and is placed 77th with1+83
3 Paparavee Direkwatan438:323and is placed 55th with2+198
4 Vimukthi Ashen412:258and is placed 38th with3+352
5 Liana Aho429:276and is placed 21st with4+505
6 Phattharawadi Ngamta331:426and is placed 41st with4+410
7 Prateek Wadhavkar400:363and is placed 37th with5+447
8 Vedika Hingorani428:428and is placed 35th with5.5+447
9 Jangari Mayol393:349and is placed 23rd with6.5+491
10 Hasali Ratnayake477:341and is placed 15th with7.5+627
11 Danial Sanaullah478:408and is placed 10th with8.5+697
12 Boris Chung409:390and is placed 7th with9.5+716
13 Syed Imaad Ali445:355and is placed 6th with10.5+806
14 Thomson Law Long Yin461:468and is placed 11th with10.5+799
15 Hasham Hadi Khan407:432and is placed 16th with10.5+774
16 Terdsak Petrungjar425:256and is placed 11th with11.5+943
17 Lewis Hawkins279:446and is placed 19th with11.5+776
18 Aditya Iyengar321:500and is placed 26th with11.5+597
19 Ahmad Kashful Akmal422:385and is placed 20th with12.5+634
20 Yash Potnis480:287and is placed 14th with13.5+827
21 Nititorn Laimek345:395and is placed 20th with13.5+777
22 Hemaka Gunasekera436:382and is placed 13th with14.5+831
23 Danial Sanaullah340:350and is placed 23rd with14.5+821
24 Thirandi De Silva366:397and is placed 32nd with14.5+790