WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Carol Muya

1 Jarrett Tan310:348and is placed 100th with0-38
2 Kiki Chung Wing Sze244:426and is placed 142nd with0-220
3 Tairah John-Seedial268:427and is placed 145th with0-379
4 Alisha Mohanaselvan316:301and is placed 138th with1-364
5 Adib Mukhriz358:286and is placed 122nd with2-292
6 Muhd Amirul Hakeem348:376and is placed 132nd with2-320
7 Joshua Ayden Lim342:289and is placed 118th with3-267
8 Leanne Denise Candia258:278and is placed 127th with3-287
9 Aldo Setiawan306:297and is placed 112th with4-278
10 Wong Chun Ki378:314and is placed 100th with5-214
11 Lakhsmant Ian285:360and is placed 112th with5-289
12 Ashvin Kesavan274:547and is placed 129th with5-562
13 Navish Lakhwani402:352and is placed 116th with6-512
14 Amerenthiran Anantha327:393and is placed 127th with6-578
15 Liana Aho394:327and is placed 112th with7-511
16 Hareet Patel312:278and is placed 103rd with8-477
17 Vershnil Weeraratne345:164and is placed 85th with9-296
18 Rose Natalie412:331and is placed 72nd with10-215
19 Dulmini Weeraratne371:368and is placed 61st with11-212
20 Vedika Hingorani254:478and is placed 75th with11-436
21 Boris Chung259:479and is placed 88th with11-656
22 Tarin Pairor315:360and is placed 97th with11-701
23 Megan Raaj Sethu407:320and is placed 86th with12-614
24 Leanne Denise Candia295:331and is placed 97th with12-650