WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Coby Lam Hoi Ying

1 Lear Jet De La Cruz299:496and is placed 155th with0-197
2 Krissanapong Chancho260:159and is placed 107th with1-96
3 Vershnil Weeraratne339:277and is placed 90th with2-34
4 Adib Mukhriz357:393and is placed 101st with2-70
5 Aditya Bose-Mandal355:249and is placed 82nd with3+36
6 Ushara De Silva327:407and is placed 95th with3-44
7 Keeran Bathmanaban419:329and is placed 76th with4+46
8 Muhd Amirul Hakeem297:385and is placed 94th with4-42
9 Lau Wai Keung323:406and is placed 108th with4-125
10 Mohd Al-Syahmi357:307and is placed 98th with5-75
11 Pang Shing Wai441:200and is placed 70th with6+166
12 Thuwaragesh Jayachan340:378and is placed 85th with6+128
13 Prateek Wadhavkar342:402and is placed 96th with6+68
14 Carmelo Arranguez342:211and is placed 85th with7+199
15 Rahul Jegatheva365:443and is placed 100th with7+121
16 Nichelle Eng444:352and is placed 88th with8+213
17 Napat Narinsuksanti349:378and is placed 95th with8+184
18 Pranut Angsakul308:291and is placed 80th with9+201
19 Phattharawadi Ngamta345:305and is placed 72nd with10+241
20 Tairah John-Seedial364:385and is placed 84th with10+220
21 Hamza Naeem217:484and is placed 98th with10-47
22 Ho Cheuk Yiu322:295and is placed 87th with11-20
23 Ashvin Kesavan341:421and is placed 99th with11-100
24 Muhd Faiq Haikal273:346and is placed 112th with11-173