WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Crichel Lao

1 Hong Jiaen303:410and is placed 127th with0-107
2 Kristina Hosein292:401and is placed 140th with0-216
3 Mohd Farid Irfan425:215and is placed 106th with1-6
4 Fung Pak Man335:382and is placed 120th with1-53
5 Ho Cheuk Yiu360:378and is placed 138th with1-71
6 Abu Hazeeq Fiqri405:283and is placed 120th with2+51
7 Vershnil Weeraratne283:292and is placed 133rd with2+42
8 Mak Chung Ting291:409and is placed 141st with2-76
9 Cynthia Chebet372:273and is placed 124th with3+23
10 Ho_Lok Hang284:360and is placed 140th with3-53
11 Eunice Wakio390:274and is placed 121st with4+63
12 Rose Natalie324:327and is placed 136th with4+60
13 Amerenthiran Anantha289:291and is placed 146th with4+58
14 Kiki Chung Wing Sze317:396and is placed 157th with4-21
15 Michael Ubias348:326and is placed 145th with5+1
16 Joshua Ayden Lim353:306and is placed 135th with6+48
17 Adib Mukhriz340:348and is placed 143rd with6+40
18 Keeran Bathmanaban376:399and is placed 151st with6+17
19 Ardi Sevilla418:286and is placed 141st with7+149
20 Hareet Patel295:276and is placed 131st with8+168
21 Janidu_De Silva369:288and is placed 116th with9+249
22 Pranut Angsakul260:395and is placed 127th with9+114
23 Taabish Borham410:296and is placed 114th with10+228
24 Inuri De Silva342:343and is placed 127th with10+227