WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Cynthia Chebet

1 Aabid Ismail225:562and is placed 174th with0-337
2 Kyan Teo Ching-wei251:454and is placed 170th with0-540
3 Restu Andika296:296and is placed 133rd with0.5-540
4 Rose Natalie248:323and is placed 156th with0.5-615
5 Nurin Fazila328:168and is placed 135th with1.5-455
6 Reuben Easow Koshy371:258and is placed 116th with2.5-342
7 Danial Sanaullah269:639and is placed 131st with2.5-712
8 Galuh Muharrom291:294and is placed 140th with2.5-715
9 Crichel Lao273:372and is placed 153rd with2.5-814
10 Michael Ubias329:313and is placed 138th with3.5-798
11 Tai Yat Yin271:469and is placed 151st with3.5-996
12 Michael Ubias341:379and is placed 159th with3.5-1034
13 Joshua Ayden Lim287:280and is placed 145th with4.5-1027
14 Ardi Sevilla178:228and is placed 156th with4.5-1077
15 Ahmad_Hazim Azlan237:328and is placed 162nd with4.5-1168
16 Tai Yat Yin262:348and is placed 167th with4.5-1254
17 Alisha Mohanaselvan282:353and is placed 170th with4.5-1325
18 Salvador Recio287:251and is placed 166th with5.5-1289
19 Nurin Fazila313:311and is placed 158th with6.5-1287
20 Wan Mohd Zikry Asyra335:214and is placed 150th with7.5-1166
21 Mohd Farid Irfan382:311and is placed 139th with8.5-1095
22 Eunice Wakio305:342and is placed 149th with8.5-1132
23 Janidu_De Silva300:335and is placed 157th with8.5-1167
24 Imadith Egodawaththe221:498and is placed 163rd with8.5-1444