WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Danial Sanaullah

1 Boris Chung348:405and is placed 107th with0-57
2 Krtin Juneja356:395and is placed 127th with0-96
3 Vignesh Pirapaharan415:420and is placed 134th with0-101
4 Gian Marcus Goron429:275and is placed 113th with1+53
5 Bintang Ramadhan542:309and is placed 94th with2+286
6 Jareth Mah444:324and is placed 73rd with3+406
7 Cynthia Chebet639:269and is placed 52nd with4+776
8 Thavalakshman Yogan500:454and is placed 37th with5+822
9 Aditya Kuntjoro Adji511:308and is placed 24th with6+1025
10 Ho Chun Hung395:319and is placed 17th with7+1101
11 Brian Po408:478and is placed 30th with7+1031
12 Lewis Hawkins344:383and is placed 43rd with7+992
13 Aditya Iyengar334:471and is placed 63rd with7+855
14 Yoga Pratama524:301and is placed 45th with8+1078
15 Aditya Kuntjoro Adji450:295and is placed 35th with9+1233
16 Liao Yi445:439and is placed 28th with10+1239
17 Yash Potnis313:487and is placed 36th with10+1065
18 Boris Chung504:341and is placed 27th with11+1228
19 Qays Sangari485:394and is placed 22nd with12+1319
20 Ahmad Kashful Akmal517:298and is placed 16th with13+1538
21 Radinka Dissanayake581:333and is placed 10th with14+1786
22 Terdsak Petrungjar350:375and is placed 14th with14+1761
23 Brian Po350:340and is placed 11th with15+1771
24 Hasham Hadi Khan432:364and is placed 7th with16+1839