WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Francis Matati

1 Hemaka Gunasekera285:460and is placed 146th with0-175
2 Li Ka Ki316:424and is placed 149th with0-283
3 Darryl Hanming353:357and is placed 143rd with0-287
4 Jason_Tang417:296and is placed 125th with1-166
5 Salvador Recio362:158and is placed 104th with2+38
6 Akhila_Mohanaselvan360:292and is placed 87th with3+106
7 Ardi Sevilla349:267and is placed 71st with4+188
8 Benchaporn Khamkrach320:385and is placed 85th with4+123
9 Dulmini Weeraratne353:389and is placed 104th with4+87
10 Kalpana Senevirathna294:466and is placed 116th with4-85
11 Li Pun Wang316:273and is placed 102nd with5-42
12 Lau Wai Keung369:265and is placed 88th with6+62
13 Hong Jiaen352:319and is placed 77th with7+95
14 Saim Usmani268:515and is placed 99th with7-152
15 Sharvin Jeyendran289:457and is placed 108th with7-320
16 Misbah Rehman363:361and is placed 99th with8-318
17 Megan Raaj Sethu403:415and is placed 111th with8-330
18 Dulmini Weeraratne263:369and is placed 123rd with8-436
19 Ho_Lok Hang291:291and is placed 115th with8.5-436
20 Fung Pak Man252:415and is placed 128th with8.5-599
21 Rose Natalie341:313and is placed 112th with9.5-571
22 Ahmad_Hazim Azlan347:365and is placed 123rd with9.5-589
23 Eunice Wakio312:401and is placed 136th with9.5-678
24 Yalleni Gunenthiran327:358and is placed 146th with9.5-709