WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Janidu_De Silva

1 Restu Andika313:434and is placed 131st with0-121
2 Aldo Setiawan211:428and is placed 153rd with0-338
3 Adlin Norman427:295and is placed 122nd with1-206
4 Akhila_Mohanaselvan313:374and is placed 133rd with1-267
5 Siddhesh Mariappan321:432and is placed 147th with1-378
6 Shireeya_Jeyendran551:237and is placed 124th with2-64
7 Akhila_Mohanaselvan370:300and is placed 102nd with3+6
8 Saim Usmani379:416and is placed 118th with3-31
9 Ng Ka Wing303:397and is placed 128th with3-125
10 Li Pun Wang436:263and is placed 110th with4+48
11 Mohd Hazman Yuzairi360:387and is placed 123rd with4+21
12 Kiki Chung Wing Sze366:315and is placed 110th with5+72
13 Jareth Mah295:355and is placed 127th with5+12
14 Keeran Bathmanaban314:390and is placed 135th with5-64
15 Imadith Egodawaththe349:423and is placed 146th with5-138
16 Eunice Wakio321:336and is placed 152nd with5-153
17 Joshua Ayden Lim405:269and is placed 144th with6-17
18 Ardi Sevilla347:326and is placed 131st with7+4
19 Ahmad_Hazim Azlan341:350and is placed 142nd with7-5
20 Siu Chun Hong416:377and is placed 133rd with8+34
21 Crichel Lao288:369and is placed 140th with8-47
22 Kalpana Senevirathna380:392and is placed 151st with8-59
23 Cynthia Chebet335:300and is placed 140th with9-24
24 Michael Ubias233:410and is placed 149th with9-201