WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Jarrett Tan

1 Carol Muya348:310and is placed 77th with1+38
2 Amerenthiran Anantha372:323and is placed 51st with2+87
3 Yash Potnis342:398and is placed 80th with2+31
4 Imadith Egodawaththe428:350and is placed 59th with3+109
5 Boris Chung417:392and is placed 41st with4+134
6 Pasindu Malawaraarac409:317and is placed 26th with5+226
7 Lau Wai Keung443:319and is placed 16th with6+350
8 Supphakrit Rimchan346:419and is placed 28th with6+277
9 Amanda Khan451:338and is placed 18th with7+390
10 Khor Jia Wynn381:406and is placed 29th with7+365
11 Mehul Arora372:526and is placed 48th with7+211
12 Kaustav Bhowmick360:385and is placed 60th with7+186
13 Sohaib Sanaullah461:406and is placed 50th with8+241
14 Adheesha Dissanayake326:311and is placed 37th with9+256
15 Jessa Manigos400:348and is placed 29th with10+308
16 Boris Chung380:404and is placed 40th with10+284
17 Mehul Arora323:383and is placed 52nd with10+224
18 Sharvin Jeyendran452:426and is placed 39th with11+250
19 Nuttawat Angsakul426:334and is placed 31st with12+342
20 Thuwaragesh Jayachan335:448and is placed 43rd with12+229
21 Supphakrit Rimchan454:307and is placed 33rd with13+376
22 Khor Jia Wynn364:376and is placed 45th with13+364
23 Rahul Jegatheva333:496and is placed 56th with13+201
24 Pasindu Malawaraarac329:402and is placed 67th with13+128