WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Lawrence Dave Candia

1 Fung Pak Man373:270and is placed 51st with1+103
2 Dulmini Weeraratne495:332and is placed 22nd with2+266
3 Phattharawadi Ngamta441:349and is placed 22nd with3+358
4 Pranut Angsakul397:429and is placed 39th with3+326
5 Kristina Hosein448:343and is placed 27th with4+431
6 Li Ka Ki399:298and is placed 17th with5+532
7 Aadhi Shankara433:307and is placed 13th with6+658
8 Amanda Khan445:340and is placed 6th with7+763
9 Supphakrit Rimchan392:274and is placed 6th with8+881
10 Abdullah Abbasi355:403and is placed 8th with8+833
11 Vraj Jain468:362and is placed 6th with9+939
12 Abdullah Abbasi349:441and is placed 11th with9+847
13 Ushara De Silva393:402and is placed 17th with9+838
14 Samrath Singh Bhatia344:409and is placed 26th with9+773
15 Lewis Hawkins321:437and is placed 38th with9+657
16 Qays Sangari316:456and is placed 50th with9+517
17 Nattapat Nak-in432:361and is placed 42nd with10+588
18 Yoga Pratama410:335and is placed 31st with11+663
19 Yash Potnis367:427and is placed 45th with11+603
20 Ronnie Bennett328:352and is placed 58th with11+579
21 Tengku Ariff Shah408:490and is placed 69th with11+497
22 Saim Waqar457:338and is placed 58th with12+616
23 Louis Drei Candia372:434and is placed 68th with12+554
24 Madhav Gopal Kamath402:249and is placed 56th with13+707