WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Mary Villanueva

1 Kiki Chung Wing Sze228:466and is placed 164th with0-238
2 Sethmi Jayasinghe260:424and is placed 161st with0-402
3 Ratchata Tiengdah322:277and is placed 130th with1-357
4 Eunice Wakio256:388and is placed 148th with1-489
5 Debora Wandia350:283and is placed 128th with2-422
6 Wan Mohd Zikry Asyra299:320and is placed 137th with2-443
7 Natthaphon Sirijamor324:391and is placed 147th with2-510
8 Zaina Zarook316:318and is placed 153rd with2-512
9 Lakhsmant Ian251:394and is placed 156th with2-655
10 Adib Mukhriz195:524and is placed 165th with2-984
11 Mohd Farid Irfan355:403and is placed 168th with2-1032
12 Gian Marcus Goron307:325and is placed 172nd with2-1050
13 Adlin Norman133:188and is placed 173rd with2-1105
14 Linet Njeri191:156and is placed 171st with3-1070
15 Ruth Kamau327:246and is placed 166th with4-989
16 Natthaphon Sirijamor290:364and is placed 170th with4-1063
17 Michael Ubias268:364and is placed 172nd with4-1159
18 Krissanapong Chancho299:281and is placed 170th with5-1141
19 Aditya Bose-Mandal273:359and is placed 172nd with5-1227
20 Sadeera De Silva246:194and is placed 169th with6-1175
21 Shireeya_Jeyendran318:342and is placed 171st with6-1199
22 Pimmada Tiengdah279:201and is placed 166th with7-1121
23 Alisha Mohanaselvan194:268and is placed 170th with7-1195
24 Nurin Fazila408:279and is placed 166th with8-1066