WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Mohd Farid Irfan

1 Kristina Hosein295:461and is placed 143rd with0-166
2 Siva Keefe Savero255:283and is placed 137th with0-194
3 Crichel Lao215:425and is placed 149th with0-404
4 Zaina Zarook338:340and is placed 159th with0-406
5 Abu Hazeeq Fiqri249:396and is placed 164th with0-553
6 Ho Cheuk Yiu178:514and is placed 168th with0-889
7 Ratchata Tiengdah238:261and is placed 172nd with0-912
8 Sadeera De Silva425:272and is placed 164th with1-759
9 Linet Njeri293:284and is placed 158th with2-750
10 Ardi Sevilla302:432and is placed 163rd with2-880
11 Mary Villanueva403:355and is placed 162nd with3-832
12 Vimukthi Ashen183:437and is placed 166th with3-1086
13 Salvador Recio432:217and is placed 158th with4-871
14 Reuben Easow Koshy307:285and is placed 151st with5-849
15 Arvind_Iyengar217:588and is placed 158th with5-1220
16 Pimmada Tiengdah309:291and is placed 146th with6-1202
17 Akhila_Mohanaselvan370:340and is placed 139th with7-1172
18 Debora Wandia301:302and is placed 146th with7-1173
19 Joshua Ayden Lim316:408and is placed 154th with7-1265
20 Ardi Sevilla345:377and is placed 161st with7-1297
21 Cynthia Chebet311:382and is placed 164th with7-1368
22 Jason_Tang393:366and is placed 160th with8-1341
23 Zaina Zarook224:320and is placed 165th with8-1437
24 Natthaphon Sirijamor371:311and is placed 158th with9-1377