WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Ng Ka Wing

1 Misbah Rehman393:332and is placed 67th with1+61
2 Tanaphon Kamenkij357:364and is placed 83rd with1+54
3 Jason_Tang343:281and is placed 65th with2+116
4 Sorawit_Chuncharoen236:414and is placed 100th with2-62
5 Darryl Hanming333:367and is placed 111th with2-96
6 Vershnil Weeraratne453:219and is placed 84th with3+138
7 Shekinah Giffen354:408and is placed 100th with3+84
8 Aadhi Shankara491:488and is placed 88th with4+87
9 Janidu_De Silva397:303and is placed 69th with5+181
10 Sohaib Sanaullah339:429and is placed 89th with5+91
11 Kalpana Senevirathna274:470and is placed 105th with5-105
12 Hong Jiaen318:366and is placed 117th with5-153
13 Lau Wai Keung373:341and is placed 105th with6-121
14 Esther Muturi358:272and is placed 94th with7-35
15 Dzariff Izzat343:359and is placed 105th with7-51
16 Carmelo Arranguez357:386and is placed 115th with7-80
17 Ashvin Kesavan300:458and is placed 127th with7-238
18 Nimuthu Witharana283:406and is placed 138th with7-361
19 Lakhsmant Ian335:310and is placed 130th with8-336
20 Aahil Borham316:407and is placed 140th with8-427
21 Siu Chun Hong306:429and is placed 148th with8-550
22 Abu Hazeeq Fiqri341:334and is placed 140th with9-543
23 Aditya Bose-Mandal347:363and is placed 148th with9-559
24 Mohd Hazman Yuzairi381:342and is placed 139th with10-520