WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Nititorn Laimek

1 Adib Mukhriz546:349and is placed 23rd with1+197
2 Tengku Ariff Shah434:474and is placed 61st with1+157
3 Gian Marcus Goron465:293and is placed 42nd with2+329
4 Tanaphon Kamenkij287:370and is placed 75th with2+246
5 Pang Shing Wai439:316and is placed 50th with3+369
6 Benchaporn Khamkrach491:353and is placed 34th with4+507
7 Aldo Setiawan523:301and is placed 23rd with5+729
8 Ho Cheuk Yiu525:328and is placed 15th with6+926
9 Syed Imaad Ali444:411and is placed 10th with7+959
10 Nattapat Nak-in479:379and is placed 7th with8+1059
11 Napat Vatjaranuratho362:446and is placed 13th with8+975
12 Thomson Law Long Yin296:401and is placed 23rd with8+870
13 Qays Sangari411:311and is placed 16th with9+970
14 Lewis Hawkins400:400and is placed 21st with9.5+970
15 Napat Vatjaranuratho407:449and is placed 33rd with9.5+928
16 Radinka Dissanayake384:369and is placed 24th with10.5+943
17 Boris Chung384:369and is placed 18th with11.5+958
18 Darryl Hanming425:347and is placed 13th with12.5+1036
19 Terdsak Petrungjar400:401and is placed 19th with12.5+1035
20 Vraj Jain350:456and is placed 27th with12.5+929
21 Brian Po395:345and is placed 19th with13.5+979
22 Thavalakshman Yogan476:364and is placed 12th with14.5+1091
23 Lear Jet De La Cruz430:343and is placed 10th with15.5+1178
24 Abdullah Abbasi465:369and is placed 6th with16.5+1274