WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Nurin Fazila

1 Amanda Khan190:439and is placed 165th with0-249
2 Thavalakshman Yogan197:460and is placed 169th with0-512
3 Vimukthi Ashen196:355and is placed 169th with0-671
4 Ruth Kamau227:214and is placed 155th with1-658
5 Cynthia Chebet168:328and is placed 160th with1-818
6 Hareet Patel262:338and is placed 164th with1-894
7 Debora Wandia276:321and is placed 168th with1-939
8 Bintang Ramadhan236:360and is placed 171st with1-1063
9 Jason_Tang179:372and is placed 172nd with1-1256
10 Sadeera De Silva283:262and is placed 169th with2-1235
11 Salvador Recio224:360and is placed 171st with2-1371
12 Shireeya_Jeyendran216:253and is placed 174th with2-1408
13 Natthaphon Sirijamor308:212and is placed 170th with3-1312
14 Sadeera De Silva147: 90and is placed 165th with4-1255
15 Salvador Recio314:311and is placed 159th with5-1252
16 Wan Mohd Zikry Asyra249:308and is placed 165th with5-1311
17 Reuben Easow Koshy264:391and is placed 169th with5-1438
18 Pimmada Tiengdah330:279and is placed 164th with6-1387
19 Cynthia Chebet311:313and is placed 169th with6-1389
20 Adlin Norman306:232and is placed 162nd with7-1315
21 Ruth Kamau148:312and is placed 165th with7-1479
22 Michael Ubias229:426and is placed 169th with7-1676
23 Krissanapong Chancho258:270and is placed 171st with7-1688
24 Mary Villanueva279:408and is placed 172nd with7-1817