WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Pranut Angsakul

1 Eirfan Razman445:343and is placed 52nd with1+102
2 Vignesh Pirapaharan215:505and is placed 119th with1-188
3 Yoga Pratama368:288and is placed 94th with2-108
4 Lawrence Dave Candia429:397and is placed 66th with3-76
5 Rose Natalie471:282and is placed 42nd with4+113
6 Jason_Tang443:286and is placed 24th with5+270
7 Iman Najmi360:425and is placed 45th with5+205
8 Boris Chung399:451and is placed 60th with5+153
9 Leo Ballaso346:142and is placed 41st with6+357
10 Muhd Amirul Hakeem435:377and is placed 27th with7+415
11 Khor Jia Wynn388:358and is placed 23rd with8+445
12 Eirfan Razman380:388and is placed 31st with8+437
13 Mehul Arora376:406and is placed 41st with8+407
14 Tengku Ariff Shah330:440and is placed 53rd with8+297
15 Krtin Juneja385:402and is placed 68th with8+280
16 Hamza Naeem424:483and is placed 87th with8+221
17 Rahul Jegatheva367:411and is placed 96th with8+177
18 Coby Lam Hoi Ying291:308and is placed 109th with8+160
19 Ho Cheuk Yiu327:410and is placed 120th with8+77
20 Mak Chung Ting325:352and is placed 132nd with8+50
21 Keeran Bathmanaban429:285and is placed 117th with9+194
22 Crichel Lao395:260and is placed 103rd with10+329
23 Panupong Baipo366:341and is placed 93rd with11+354
24 Aldo Setiawan385:337and is placed 82nd with12+402