WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Prateek Wadhavkar

1 Imadith Egodawaththe314:354and is placed 101st with0-40
2 Vimukthi Ashen443:275and is placed 68th with1+128
3 Mohd Hazman Yuzairi414:352and is placed 56th with2+190
4 Mohd Al-Syahmi337:320and is placed 49th with3+207
5 Sharvin Jeyendran337:350and is placed 63rd with3+194
6 Kyan Teo Ching-wei332:352and is placed 80th with3+174
7 Brian Po363:400and is placed 97th with3+137
8 Panupong Baipo313:419and is placed 116th with3+31
9 Siu Chun Hong400:321and is placed 102nd with4+110
10 Aadhi Shankara329:299and is placed 88th with5+140
11 Kiki Chung Wing Sze376:370and is placed 72nd with6+146
12 Jangari Mayol353:343and is placed 64th with7+156
13 Coby Lam Hoi Ying402:342and is placed 51st with8+216
14 Sharvin Jeyendran358:371and is placed 60th with8+203
15 Adheesha Dissanayake368:333and is placed 49th with9+238
16 Leo Ballaso324:404and is placed 59th with9+158
17 Kristina Hosein425:356and is placed 51st with10+227
18 Carmelo Arranguez468:202and is placed 34th with11+493
19 Tengku Ariff Shah403:351and is placed 27th with12+545
20 Amanda Khan297:501and is placed 39th with12+341
21 Thuwaragesh Jayachan513:298and is placed 29th with13+556
22 Napat Narinsuksanti373:384and is placed 43rd with13+545
23 Samrath Singh Bhatia341:427and is placed 52nd with13+459
24 Tairah John-Seedial450:300and is placed 43rd with14+609