WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Ronnie Bennett

1 Adlin Norman481:250and is placed 16th with1+231
2 Yoga Pratama380:363and is placed 28th with2+248
3 Salvador Recio410:192and is placed 17th with3+466
4 Terdsak Petrungjar452:375and is placed 9th with4+543
5 Louis Drei Candia380:388and is placed 20th with4+535
6 Qays Sangari320:376and is placed 36th with4+479
7 Lear Jet De La Cruz420:419and is placed 33rd with5+480
8 Saim Waqar372:447and is placed 49th with5+405
9 Kaustav Bhowmick432:286and is placed 35th with6+551
10 Rahul Jegatheva419:408and is placed 25th with7+562
11 Samrath Singh Bhatia306:432and is placed 40th with7+436
12 Sorawit_Chuncharoen299:408and is placed 54th with7+327
13 Kalpana Senevirathna484:446and is placed 44th with8+365
14 Napat Narinsuksanti422:333and is placed 33rd with9+454
15 Thuwaragesh Jayachan492:373and is placed 23rd with10+573
16 Sohaib Sanaullah360:491and is placed 34th with10+442
17 Napat Vatjaranuratho388:448and is placed 47th with10+382
18 Krtin Juneja541:315and is placed 32nd with11+608
19 Calvin Ma385:391and is placed 46th with11+602
20 Lawrence Dave Candia352:328and is placed 34th with12+626
21 Yoga Pratama297:497and is placed 53rd with12+426
22 Samrath Singh Bhatia352:348and is placed 44th with13+430
23 Tengku Ariff Shah362:343and is placed 33rd with14+449
24 Thomson Law Long Yin434:368and is placed 24th with15+515