WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Saim Usmani

1 Li Pun Wang380:365and is placed 80th with1+15
2 Louis Drei Candia321:344and is placed 94th with1-8
3 Megan Raaj Sethu378:404and is placed 111th with1-34
4 Aditya Bose-Mandal403:284and is placed 85th with2+85
5 Shekinah Giffen375:388and is placed 103rd with2+72
6 Jangari Mayol399:364and is placed 86th with3+107
7 Phattharawadi Ngamta290:433and is placed 103rd with3-36
8 Janidu_De Silva416:379and is placed 91st with4+1
9 Aadhi Shankara421:269and is placed 71st with5+153
10 Aldo Setiawan385:323and is placed 58th with6+215
11 Krtin Juneja350:435and is placed 73rd with6+130
12 Amanda Khan363:402and is placed 87th with6+91
13 Carmelo Arranguez347:394and is placed 99th with6+44
14 Francis Matati515:268and is placed 83rd with7+291
15 Muhd Faiq Haikal405:340and is placed 67th with8+356
16 Tairah John-Seedial369:401and is placed 83rd with8+324
17 Nichelle Eng402:381and is placed 70th with9+345
18 Kalpana Senevirathna462:363and is placed 61st with10+444
19 Therunee Karunaratne402:399and is placed 49th with11+447
20 Yoga Pratama408:416and is placed 59th with11+439
21 Pasindu Malawaraarac461:293and is placed 49th with12+607
22 Adheesha Dissanayake407:366and is placed 41st with13+648
23 Calvin Ma407:383and is placed 31st with14+672
24 Samrath Singh Bhatia414:453and is placed 42nd with14+633