WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Supphakrit Rimchan

1 Joshua Ayden Lim438:295and is placed 42nd with1+143
2 Napat Narinsuksanti373:340and is placed 41st with2+176
3 Tanaphon Kamenkij404:402and is placed 32nd with3+178
4 Krtin Juneja465:346and is placed 16th with4+297
5 Hasali Ratnayake424:473and is placed 36th with4+248
6 Siva Keefe Savero346:181and is placed 20th with5+413
7 Sorawit_Chuncharoen436:395and is placed 15th with6+454
8 Jarrett Tan419:346and is placed 10th with7+527
9 Lawrence Dave Candia274:392and is placed 16th with7+409
10 Mehul Arora377:302and is placed 13th with8+484
11 Saim Waqar382:456and is placed 25th with8+410
12 Jessa Manigos371:349and is placed 16th with9+432
13 Vedika Hingorani378:349and is placed 12th with10+461
14 Pansub_Direkwatana311:353and is placed 19th with10+419
15 Syed Imaad Ali333:480and is placed 30th with10+272
16 Lewis Hawkins357:377and is placed 41st with10+252
17 Eirfan Razman472:378and is placed 31st with11+346
18 Nuttawat Angsakul388:309and is placed 24th with12+425
19 Sorawit_Chuncharoen333:425and is placed 32nd with12+333
20 Mehul Arora319:419and is placed 42nd with12+233
21 Jarrett Tan307:454and is placed 58th with12+86
22 Rahul Jegatheva438:409and is placed 48th with13+115
23 Aadhi Shankara436:429and is placed 38th with14+122
24 Khor Jia Wynn349:368and is placed 49th with14+103