WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Therunee Karunaratne

1 Ruth Kamau472:201and is placed 11th with1+271
2 Nuttawat Angsakul412:413and is placed 58th with1+270
3 Mehul Arora340:441and is placed 98th with1+169
4 Amanda Khan346:479and is placed 114th with1+36
5 Wong Chun Ki332:403and is placed 136th with1-35
6 Ho_Lok Hang495:274and is placed 117th with2+186
7 Siu Chun Hong376:323and is placed 95th with3+239
8 Mohd Hazman Yuzairi417:289and is placed 76th with4+367
9 Nimuthu Witharana413:286and is placed 60th with5+494
10 Liao Yi313:407and is placed 84th with5+400
11 Khor_Jia Wayn373:388and is placed 95th with5+385
12 Keeran Bathmanaban370:350and is placed 78th with6+405
13 Ho Chun Hung488:411and is placed 68th with7+482
14 Mak Chung Ting369:366and is placed 50th with8+485
15 Madhav Gopal Kamath388:353and is placed 42nd with9+520
16 Louis Drei Candia351:490and is placed 53rd with9+381
17 Saim Waqar380:300and is placed 45th with10+461
18 Pasindu Malawaraarac297:333and is placed 62nd with10+425
19 Saim Usmani399:402and is placed 70th with10+422
20 Nattapat Nak-in370:365and is placed 60th with11+427
21 Panupong Baipo344:304and is placed 52nd with12+467
22 Sharvin Jeyendran357:413and is placed 60th with12+411
23 Adheesha Dissanayake390:402and is placed 72nd with12+399
24 Ho Cheuk Yiu306:456and is placed 83rd with12+249