WESPA Youth Cup 2017

Congratulations to the WESPA Cup 2017 Champion

Aabid Ismail /

from Sri Lanka

Scorecard for Ushara De Silva

1 Aditya Kuntjoro Adji309:302and is placed 85th with1+7
2 Pasindu Malawaraarac346:418and is placed 105th with1-65
3 Julian Wong Tsz Yu398:280and is placed 76th with2+53
4 Nuttawat Angsakul419:377and is placed 61st with3+95
5 Arvind_Iyengar441:299and is placed 37th with4+237
6 Coby Lam Hoi Ying407:327and is placed 22nd with5+317
7 Darryl Hanming372:380and is placed 41st with5+309
8 Kyan Teo Ching-wei510:232and is placed 24th with6+587
9 Hong Jiaen402:293and is placed 13th with7+696
10 Saim Waqar340:327and is placed 11th with8+709
11 Pansub_Direkwatana460:407and is placed 8th with9+762
12 Napat Vatjaranuratho379:374and is placed 6th with10+767
13 Lawrence Dave Candia402:393and is placed 5th with11+776
14 Hasham Hadi Khan373:401and is placed 8th with11+748
15 Vignesh Pirapaharan328:402and is placed 12th with11+674
16 Samrath Singh Bhatia287:402and is placed 20th with11+559
17 Lear Jet De La Cruz339:450and is placed 28th with11+448
18 Pansub_Direkwatana282:511and is placed 42nd with11+219
19 Napat Narinsuksanti401:329and is placed 33rd with12+291
20 Shekinah Giffen313:422and is placed 45th with12+182
21 Dzariff Izzat373:349and is placed 37th with13+206
22 Nuttawat Angsakul423:306and is placed 27th with14+323
23 Khor Jia Wynn430:377and is placed 18th with15+376
24 Krtin Juneja461:320and is placed 15th with16+517