Entries for 2018 WESPA Youth Cup

Thursday 13 December to Saturday 15 December
GEMS Dubai American Academy

The Name listed below is how it will appear in the souvenir booklet.
The WESPA Ratings Name is as it will be in the tournament draw.
(n) = new to WESPA tournaments. Let us know if this is wrong.
Please advise any errors in name spelling or other items to karen.d.richards@gmail.com
F means waiting for Player Data Form; P means waiting for photo for souvenir booklet
NQ - Each Country has a quota of free entries. NQ means not qualified for free entry.

Name (155 entries) FPCountry (17) CodeNQ WESPA Ratings Name
Ronnie Bennett Australia AU01 Ronnie Bennett
Jason Tang Australia AU02 Jason Tang
Rahul Jegatheva Australia AU03 Rahul Jegatheva
Aditya Bose-Mandal Australia AU04 Aditya Bose-Mandal
Kaustav Bhowmick Australia AU05 Kaustav Bhowmick
Asher Chhabra (n) Australia AU06 Asher Chhabra
Sharvin Jeyendran Australia AU07 Sharvin Jeyendran
Shireeya Jeyendran Australia AU08 Shireeya Jeyendran
Tanissha Suppiah (n) Australia AU09 Tanissha Suppiah
Elkanah Boadi (n) Ghana GH01 Elkanah Boadi
Boris Chung Hong Kong HK01 Boris Chung
Brian Po Hong Kong HK02 Brian Po
Wesley Choy Wing Chi Hong Kong HK03 Wesley Choy Wing Chi
Thomson Law Long Yin Hong Kong HK04 Thomson Law Long Yin
Ernest So Yat Long Hong Kong HK05 Ernest So Yat Long
Ho Cheuk Yiu Hong Kong HK06 Ho Cheuk Yiu
Fung Tsz Hin Hong Kong HK07 Fung Tsz Hin
Siu Chun Hong Hong Kong HK08 Siu Chun Hong
Fung Pak Man Hong Kong HK09 Fung Pak Man
Lau Wai Keung Hong Kong HK10 Lau Wai Keung
Julian Wong Tsz Yu Hong Kong HK11 Julian Wong Tsz Yu
Ian Tsoi Yin Hong Kong HK14NQ Ian Tsoi Yin
Jason Lau Hong Kong HK15NQ Jason Lau
Vraj Jain FPIndia IN01 Vraj Jain
Yash Potnis India IN02 Yash Potnis
Vedika Hingorani India IN03 Vedika Hingorani
Krtin Juneja India IN04 Krtin Juneja
Madhav Gopal Kamath India IN05 Madhav Gopal Kamath
Suyash Manchali India IN06 Suyash Manchali
Arvind Iyengar India IN08 Arvind Iyengar
Mehul Arora India IN09 Mehul Arora
Ekansh Arora India IN10 Ekansh Arora
Restu Andika P Indonesia ID01 Restu Andika
Yoga Pratama Indonesia ID02 Yoga Pratama
Ann Iraki (n) Kenya KE01 Ann Iraki
Linnet Njeri Kenya KE02 Linnet Njeri
Debora Wandia Kenya KE03 Debora Wandia
Francis Matati Kenya KE05 Francis Matati
Japheth Wandera Kenya KE06 Japheth Wandera
Ian Otieno Kenya KE07 Ian Otieno
Eunice Wakio Macharia Kenya KE08 Eunice Wakio
Michael Mwangi Kenya KE09 Michael Mwangi
Cynthia Chebet Kenya KE10 Cynthia Chebet
Priscilla Irungu (n) Kenya KE11NQ Priscilla Irungu
Mercy Wanjiru (n) Kenya KE12NQ Mercy Wanjiru
Mercy Muriuki (n) Kenya KE13NQ Mercy Muriuki
Victoria Wanjiku (n) PKenya KE14 Victoria Wanjiku
Peter Kilonzo (n) FPKenya KE15NQ Peter Kilonzo
Tengku Ariff Shah Malaysia MY01 Tengku Ariff Shah
Jareth Mah Malaysia MY02 Jareth Mah
Eirfan Razman Malaysia MY03 Eirfan Razman
Oluwapese Alo Nigeria NG01 Pese Alo
Okikioluwa Hector Nigeria NG02 Okikioluwa Hector
Mofetoluwa Lawal Nigeria NG03 Mofe Lawal
Gerald Ekhagbai Nigeria NG04 Gerald Ekhagbai
David Onyekwelu FPNigeria NG05 David Onyekwelu
Daniel Lawal Nigeria NG06 Daniel Lawal
Fortune Ezennia Nigeria NG07 Fortune Ezennia
Angela Osaigbovo FPNigeria NG08 Angela Osaigbovo
Esom Kemakolam FPNigeria NG09 Esom Kemakolam
Ayomiposi Adekunle(n) FPNigeria NG10 Ayomiposi Adekunle
Abasido Utomobong (n) FPNigeria NG11NQ Abasido Utomobong
Prestige Archibong (n) FPNigeria NG12NQ Prestige Archibong
Olanrewaju Fajoyomi(n) FPNigeria NG13NQ Olamrewaju Fajoyomi
Priscilla Akhabue (n) Nigeria NG14NQ Priscilla Akhabue
Kesiena Akpobasah (n) Nigeria NG15NQ Kesiena Akpobasah
Kemakolam Ifunanya (n) FPNigeria NG16NQ Kemakolan Ifunanya
Eke Joanna (n) FPNigeria NG17NQ Eke Joanna
Adeyemi Barakat (n) FPNigeria NG18NQ Adeyemi Barakat
Ezennia Ifeoma (n) Nigeria NG19NQ Ezennia Ifeoma
Oreoluwa Adeyemi (n) FPNigeria NG20NQ Oreoluwa Adeyemi
Boluwatife Badmus (n) FPNigeria NG21NQ Boluwatife Badmus
Ilemobayo Adekunle (n) FPNigeria NG22NQ Ilemobayo Adekunle
Favour Nwabuzor (n) Nigeria NG23NQ Favour Nwabuzor
Olamide Williams (n) FPNigeria NG24NQ Olamide Williams
Angel Nwokike (n) FPNigeria NG25NQ Angel Nwokike
Somtochukwu Okagu (n) FPNigeria NG26NQ Somtochukwu Okagu
Jimoh Abdulmumin FPNigeria NG27NQ Jimoh Abdulmumin
Nabeeha Kardame (n) Oman OM01 Nabeeha Kardame
Syed Imaad Ali Pakistan PK01 Syed Imaad Ali
Ali Rashid Khan Pakistan PK02 Ali Rashid Khan
Hasham Hadi Khan Pakistan PK03 Hasham Hadi Khan
Hamza Naeem Pakistan PK04 Hamza Naeem
Monis Khan Pakistan PK05 Monis Khan
Usman Shaukat Pakistan PK06 Usman Shaukat
Sohaib Sanaullah Pakistan PK07 Sohaib Sanaullah
Basil Ali Khan Pakistan PK09 Basil Ali Khan
Saim Usmani Pakistan PK10 Saim Usmani
Ali Wasif Pakistan PK11NQ Ali Wasif
Afham Imtiaz Balouch Pakistan PK12NQ Afham Imtiaz
Ahmed Atta Khatri (n) Pakistan PK13NQ Atta Khatri
Hammad Hamid Pakistan PK14NQ Syed Hammad Hamid
Amna Khushnood Pakistan PK15NQ Amna Khushnood
Momina Riazuddin Pakistan PK16NQ Momina Riaz
Menaal Basit (n) Pakistan PK17NQ Menaal Basit
Eshaal Basit (n) Pakistan PK18NQ Eshaal Basit
Rishit Kumar (n) Pakistan PK19NQ Rishit Kumar
Saim Waqar Pakistan PK22 Saim Waqar
Aezham Ahmed (n) Pakistan PK23NQ Aezham Ahmed
Muhammad Aashir Ahmed Pakistan PK24NQ Aashir Ahmed
Jarrett Tan Singapore SG01 Jarrett Tan
Darryl Hanming Singapore SG02 Darryl Hanming
Liao Yi Singapore SG03 Liao Yi
Aabid Ismail Sri Lanka LK01 Aabid Ismail
Janul De Silva Sri Lanka LK02 Janul De Silva
Radinka Dissanayake Sri Lanka LK03 Radinka Dissanayake
Vignesh Pirapaharan Sri Lanka LK04 Vignesh Pirapaharan
Qays Sangani Sri Lanka LK05 Qays Sangani
Thirandi De Silva Sri Lanka LK06 Thirandi De Silva
Pasindu Malawaraarachchi Sri Lanka LK07 Pasindu Malawaraarac
Therunee Karunaratne Sri Lanka LK08 Therunee Karunaratne
Adheesha Dissanayake Sri Lanka LK09 Adheesha Dissanayake
Hemaka Gunasekera Sri Lanka LK10 Hemaka Gunasekera
Sethmi Jayasinghe Sri Lanka LK11NQ Sethmi Jayasinghe
Dulandee Handapangoda Sri Lanka LK12NQ Dulandee Handapangod
Minaya Kulasinghe Sri Lanka LK13NQ Minaya Kulasinghe
Nimuthu Witharana Sri Lanka LK14NQ Nimuthu Witharana
Malitha Goonawardhana (n) Sri Lanka LK15NQ Malitha Goonawardhan
Kalpana Senevirathna Sri Lanka LK16NQ Kalpana Senevirathna
Sandali Vithanage Sri Lanka LK17NQ Sandali Vithanage
Ahmed Akeel Sri Lanka LK18NQ Ahmed Akeel
Kavindu Malawaraarachchi (n) Sri Lanka LK19NQ Kavindu Malawaraarac
Ashvin Kesavan Sri Lanka LK20NQ Ashvin Kesavan
Napat Narinsuksanti Thailand TH01NQ Napat Narinsuksanti
Napat Vatjaranurathorn Thailand TH02 Napat Vatjaranuratho
Nattapat Nak-In Thailand TH03 Nattapat Nak-in
Pansub Direkwatana Thailand TH04 Pansub Direkwatana
Krittapat Chulasereekul Thailand TH05 Krittapat Chulas
Supphakrit Rimchan Thailand TH06 Supphakrit Rimchan
Benchaporn Khamkrachom Thailand TH07 Benchaporn Khamkrach
Thanyanat Niratsungnoen (n) Thailand TH08 Thanyanat Niratsungn
Kunnida Hatkrathok (n) Thailand TH09 Kunnida Hatkrathok
Tarin Pairor Thailand TH10 Tarin Pairor
Phattharawadi Ngamtakhu Thailand TH11NQ Phattharawadi Ngamta
Paparavee Direkwatana Thailand TH12 Paparavee Direkwatan
Pornnapas Rittiwut (n) Thailand TH13NQ Pornnapas Rittiwut
Amanda Khan Trinidad & Tobago TT01 Amanda Khan
Sorraya Singh (n) Trinidad & Tobago TT02 Sorraya Singh
Mariyah Alshareef (n) United Arab EmiratesAE01 Mariyah Alshareef
Rahul Sridharan FPUnited Arab EmiratesAE02 Rahul Sridharan
Shahyan Reddy Goli (n) United Arab EmiratesAE03 Shahyan Reddy Goli
Vazishta Reddy Goli (n) United Arab EmiratesAE04 Vazishta Reddy Goli
Reuben Moisey United Kingdom UK01 Reuben Moisey
Joshua Moisey United Kingdom UK02 Joshua Moisey
Ushara De Silva Expatriate NQSX1 Ushara De Silva
Aahil Borham Expatriate NQSX2 Aahil Borham
Taabish Borham Expatriate NQSX3 Taabish Borham
Zaina Zarook Expatriate NQSX4 Zaina Zarook
Inuri De Silva Expatriate NQSX5 Inuri De Silva
Janidu De Silva Expatriate NQSX6 Janidu De Silva
Sadeera De Silva Expatriate NQSX7NQ Sadeera De Silva
Imadith Egoadawaththe Expatriate NQSX8 Imadith Egoadawathth
Dulmini Weeraratne Expatriate NQSX9 Dulmini Weeraratne
Vershnil Weeraratne Expatriate NQSX10 Vershnil Weeraratne
Hasini Perara Expatriate NQSX11 Hasini Perara
NQSX means Sri Lankan citizen who is an expat and hence not eligible to qualify for Sri Lanka